The All-in-One


It's been a long minute since my last post, so let me update you with the deets (is that word still a thing?) between then and now.

Shortly after my last post, I took off to Playa del Carmen with two of my girls for a week. There we burned in the sun, drank heavily and did a couple ventures outside the resort. 


Doesn't really look like we're hurting here, right? It was such a great trip between the people, food, views and life experiences; it really was something I needed to refresh my mind and soul. Actually, let me correct that...all three of us desperately needed an escape and I think we were able to achieve that in different ways. I could one not feel relaxed with that view? 


The warm water + cool breeze + unlimited flow of mezcal (it was an all-inclusive) was a guaranteed equation for recovery. But! After a couple days of staying on a resort, a girl gets antsy. So we booked a couple tours towards the end of the trip. First trip: snorkeling with sea turtles, swimming in an underground cenote and zip lining. The highlight of this tour: Swimming in a recently discovered underground cenote. The water was crystal blue and it weighed heavily with this feeling of peace and reflection. It was unreal. The second trip: CHICHEN ITZA! The drive there was really brutal. The tour guide was extremely talented in maintaining a conversation with himself, but the last thing we wanted was to hear a jovial man speak into a loud microphone at 7 AM. He spoke for the ENTIRE THREE HOUR DRIVE. No bueno. But once we arrived at the place, the views were breathtaking. 


Look at it. Just look at it! Just amazing and such a wonder (It's one of the new Seven Wonders of the World...see what I did there?). I couldn't comprehend how an ancient civilization was able to create such an amazing architectural piece with no machine assistance. Mind. Blown.

The greatest highlight of my trip? The ridiculous memories made in the privacy of our hotel room. Did I mention that our jacuzzi launched water off the balcony onto the lower levels for 10 minutes before someone came to help us?? Yeah...Classic. 


The Beauty Survival Tool

Considering my hair has already been slowly dying from multiple bayalages, I knew the combo of sun, heat, ocean water and pool was going to do some further damage. So in preparation of this, I created a little all-in-one hair oil to take with me. This little concoction also came in clutch with maintaining good skin textures during those painful sunburn recoveries.

Read ahead for the 1-2 punch...I'm sorry, that was painfully corny. Forgive me.


Almond and avocado oil are heavy with fatty acids and vitamins that are nourishing, moisturizing and restorative to not only hair, but skin as well. I added Vitamin E to boost the antioxidant properties - to fight the evils of free radicals and frizz in the hair. 


Step 1: Pour the first oil into the bowl. It doesn't matter which because you're essentially pouring equal parts of both oils


Step 2: Repeat Step 1 with second oil...equal portions please!


Step 3:  2 full squeezes of Vitamin E


Step 4: Stir...STIR I SAID! 

For the trip, I actually transferred it into a small vial to take with me. This bad boy was my conditioner for all my showers. 

How To Use The Oil

  1. Deep conditioner - Apply 10-20 minutes before taking a shower. Wash out thoroughly with normal shampoo
  2. Daily conditioner - I put this on just a few minutes before stepping into the shower. It protects my hair from the harsh effects of a regular shampoo
  3. Leave-in-conditioner - After letting your hair dry (air or blow dry) for a bit, you can massage in a few drops to your hair, starting at the ends and slowly working towards the roots. It's great for giving hair that extra shine with frizz management
  4. Skin moisturizer - Add a few drops of this mixture to your daily body lotion and feel the magic of its extra moisturizing boost

Hope you guys found this post useful! I seriously use this oil on the regular. It's made a huge difference to my hair texture and health.  

Please leave comments below for any questions or suggestions for my next post :)


Until next time