Taking that Distance

In honor of my recent trip to Nashville and Atlanta, I thought I'd post my long flight skin care routine. To answer your immediate questions: 1. Yes, I actually do all of this on the plane like a crazy person. 2. Yes, I do take all of these with me for long flights (anything over 3 hours). This is partly the reason why I buy a majority of my beauty products in travel sizes...It's also way cheaper. 


You don't have to use the exact products I use, each person has different skin. The price points of some of my products are a little higher too, so please don't think you need to go out and buy all used items for this routine to work! It's the concepts and steps to take note of. 

Step 1: The Cleanse and Prep


First things first, you've got to clean that skin. When I start the whole process depends on how long the flight is. I'll make a note below of how I would do things differently based on flight time.

Soak a cotton round with your cleansing agent (I'm a huge fan of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water) and begin to gently wipe away your makeup. Once completely wiped away, gently wipe face with cotton pad soaked with toner. I would recommend usage of a more hydrating facial toner than purifying/mattifying for the flight. Pixi's Glow Tonic is my favorite (I have the full size, travel size and pre-soaked cotton pads...Maybe I shouldn't admit this)! The purpose of the process is to maintain the moisture in your skin; those toner types can be a little more drying.

If 3-4 hour flight:
- I usually begin the process once we hit cruising altitude
- I avoid wiping away my eyeshadow/mascara/eyebrows

If international flight:
- I begin after the first meal
- I wipe everything off. You have way more time to apply the makeup

Step 2: Deep Hydrate


Either apply your choice of sheet, gel or cream mask after Step 1. Yes, you need to apply a toner before applying the face mask. Toner helps prep and ready the skin to receive the next applied product. You want to maximize hydration...So apply toner!

I don't always do Step 2 for shorter flights. I think it's too much of a hassle when I only have 2 hours to go through the process and reapply makeup. So I usually hold this process out for 5+ hour flights (international). But say you've decided to go through with this step - how long the mask is on for differs on each type.

If I use a sheet mask: I let it set for 20-25 minutes before removal. As I wait for the remaining serum to absorb, I would move on to Step 3. DO NOT WIPE OFF THE EXCESS SERUM/ESSENCE! Gently press and allow the skin absorb the serum.

If using a gel/cream mask, I let that set and absorb for 1-2 hours. Sometimes, I go through the tedious task of: apply, set for 1 hour, apply more, set for 1 hour...repeat. Either way, you want to give the gel/cream based masks to have ample time to actually really hydrate the skin. Just slab it on and let it absorb for 2-3 hours; or you can do the tedious task I did. After an ample amount of time (I usually sleep), you can either a. go to the restroom and wash it off or b. use a cotton pad soaked with micellar water to wipe off.

Step 3: Hydrate them Bags


For shorter flights: I skip the face mask and go straight to these guys. Apply, take a 15-20 minute nap, wake up and take them off. Again...YES, please use toner before applying the mask. It maximizes the absorption!

For longer flights: I apply these guys after wiping off the face mask and prep for the next steps while I have the eye masks on. Same as above: 15-20 minutes on, take off and gently pat the remaining serum into the under eye region.

Step 4: Prepping the Skin


Everyone doing okay so far?? I know it can seem like a lot but it really is easy once you have your routine down. You'll also get over the awkwardness of busting these out while flying. Shame gets you no where! Lol...Is that an okay thing to say?

Okay, next step. Prepping the skin for the moisturizers! I actually only use the Caudalie spray to refresh my skin when I'm out and about, not during the flights. But I thought it was a very worthy mention. Also, I actually do use all those products in a layering fashion. 

  • Step 4a: Apply Botanics All-Bright eye roll-on to the under eye and along the brow one
  • Step 4b: Place 3 drops of Farmacy Invincible serum into either palm or fingers - gently spread between two hands and pat along the face (DO NOT SMEAR IN A DOWNWARD FASHION)
  • Step 4c: Soak cotton pad with SKII Facial Treatment Essence - gently pat/swipe product along the face. I usually swipe along the face then go back and pat more product along my freckles, laugh lines and forehead

Step 5: Hydrate the Skin


The last but not the least! The actual application of moisturizers and oils. I'm not the biggest on under eye creams. I think it can lead to overhydration of that thin skin and sometimes even deepen the wrinkles. But! On a drying long flight...I am all about it. With your ring finger, lightly pat a small amount along the lower part of the eye orbital (the bony part under the eye). Gently press the cream in. Farmacy Eye Dew is my current go to product.

Next, I use Kiehl's Powerful Line-Reducing Concentrate under my facial oil to address my aging issues *insert look of fear and doom here*. This isn't a requirement for all but I do highly recommend this product if wrinkles are a concern para ti. Just a general rule of thumb: apply your products lightest to heaviest, oils typically last.

Speaking of oils! I am obsessed with Botanics Facial Oil. With all oils, apply a few drops into palm and warm by rubbing hands together. Gently press into face with palms/fingers. You can gently massage in an upward direction (again...ALWAYS UPWARDS). 


Once oils absorbs, you can apply sunblock if you're going to be out and about during the day.

To be honest...this is my daily day routine without the face and eye masks. Adding those two items really do boost your skin quality by the time your flight lands.  I did this on my way to London and I looked so fresh and ready (although my body felt like death because the guy next to me decided to take up ALL space between us).

If you have the budget, I recommend purchasing two of each of your beauty products - one regular size and the other travel size. It just makes life easier. I buy mostly everything in travel size x2 because I always have my beauty travel bag ready to go. I hate having to pack and unpack that stuff. I know this isn't possible for everyone but it is something I've learned from weekly travels.

Well! I hope you found this helpful! Please feel free to leave thoughts or products you love to use below! 

Until next time,