I am...Andrea

I am so excited to restart the I am...Series again! (If you haven't read the previous posts, you can read them here, here and here.) And kickstarting the series this month is my dear friend Andrea Miclea. She's the wonder behind Heirloom Foto. If you haven't checked out her work, I highly recommend checking out her blog to see her wonderful photos. Now with great pleasure, I bring to you...


Name: Andrea Lavinia Miclea
Age: 24, but I’ll be as old as a quarter in just three short months!
Occupation: Full-time photographer, pursuing her masters degree in Early Childhood Development.
Blog: Heirloom Foto
Blog Type: Wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photography. Also sharing tidbits of my life and travels.

How would you describe yourself to other people?

I am passionate, driven, adventurous, and have a penchant curiosity for life and all that comes with it. I love being surrounded by friends, family, and dogs. The more dogs the better.

How would you describe yourself personally?

Ooh. This is a tough one. On my good days I believe that I am caring, hard-working, funny, and spontaneous. On my bad days, which I am ashamed to admit, I can be difficult, cynical, anxious, and a bit too sarcastic. Though I am an extravert, I live a lot in my mind, and as you can imagine, sometimes it gets the best of me. I like me on good days. The Enneagram—a personality typology test— has really helped me to understand myself better. I am what the Enneagram classifies as the achiever (a 3 wing 4 to be precise), which has given me so much insight into why I think and act the way I do. I am success-oriented, but also extremely aware of how others perceive me. This has led me through a process of deep reflection, asking myself about what truly motivates me. Is it for praise or to genuinely produce excellence? Sometimes, I am ashamed to admit, I do things more for praise.

What do you identify yourself as?

First and foremost, I identify myself as one who is loved, cherished and saved by the person and work of Jesus Christ. And though I say this now, it is a lot harder to practically live this out in the day-to-day, menial space that we know as life. Aside from that, I am a wife, daughter, friend, and creative. Though I was born in America and raised in a (very) Romanian home, I strangely identify more with my Romanian heritage.

What is your philosophy with vulnerability on social media?

I have always gone back and forth with this question. I believe that it is hard to find someone who is truly authentic in their vulnerability. Whether we want to admit it or not we have become curators. We essentially pick bits and pieces out of our lives and create our own desired narrative, if you will. I’m not even sure that true vulnerability is possible on social media. So much of what we do- myself included- is dictated by this hyper awareness of fitting in and being admired. Some days I feel like telling the internet my deepest desires and fears. Other days I want to be invisible and hardly maintain a presence on social media; it’s a love-hate relationship.

How do you feel social media impacts your blog?

Social media is like a slice of cake, while my blog/website is the full cake. I share bits and pieces of my life, work, and art through social media in hopes of driving my audience to my website, where they can get a more full picture of my work. Additionally, social media has become a powerful tool that has connected me with so many inspirational, like-minded creatives. It has led to some amazing collaborations, work opportunities, and friendships. Overall, it has impacted my blog positively.

How do you feel social media impacts you?

For me, social media is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it inspires me. I enter a platform that allows me to see what other creatives produce. I leave refreshed, encouraged and ready to produce some amazing art. On the other hand, I can develop an unhealthy relationship to social media, neglecting my surroundings, friendships and life to get a “quick fix.” It’s hard to find a perfect balance, but I am trying to be more intentional with my time on social media while simultaneously limiting the amount of time I spend on it.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!

Until next time.