I am...Joyce

Trying to grow this blog has taught me a lot about my own identity and personal growth. It's also resulted with me relying heavily on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote it. But being more active in social media has also led me to struggle a little with my own persona and identity. This is where the I am... series came forth. I am going to make biweekly posts of other men and women who actively use social media to promote their own blogs and businesses - asking them the same set of questions regarding their own identity and social media's impact on it.

To kick start the series will be myself...So...Here we go!


Name: Joyce Byun
Age: 30
Full-Time Occupation: Physical Therapist
Blog: The Under Eye Report
Blog Type: Beauty and Life

How would you describe yourself to other people?

Minimal to no shame talking about bodily functions and noises
Lover of travels and adventures
Enjoys embarrassing my closest friends in public
Borderline workaholic
Loves to build new friendship and strengthen current ones

How would you describe yourself personally?

More introverted than extroverted
Insecure about my place within social circles
Places a little too much value and pressure on being accepted
Continual internal battle with grace and identity

What do you identify yourself as?

Mostly in this order:
1. Christian
2. Physical therapist
3. Friend
4. Aunt/Daughter

What is your philosophy with vulnerability in social media?

I think there needs to be a greater amount of vulnerability in social media. Today, people are constantly faced with overly staged lifestyle and personal posts that it's hard to tell what's genuine or not. Social media has shaped so much of our current culture, especially today's youth - it should be used to encourage and engage people. That's why I try to use my blog as platform to be open and share my own personal struggles and thoughts. Beauty is so much more than the external. There's an inner beauty and strength special to each person - why can't social media be used to highlight it? I feel like people are constantly feeling a push to change themselves to "perfection". But beauty is about highlighting the perfections AND imperfections.

How do you feel social media impacts your blog?

Social media is the means of which my blog survives! Without Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I'm not sure how I would spread the word about my site. Word of mouth would work...But it's nothing compared to the impact of a solid hashtag. It also helps shape my blog. I look at the trends of other bloggers, study their marketing tactics, and I use it to draw ideas for posts. Social media helps me keep a pulse on today's trends.

But! I will say that it does sometimes bum me out with how much I need to market myself and the blog to try to "catch up". I just entered into the blogging world and I know it's a slow progress. A girl can't help but wonder when going on Instagram and Twitter can start feeling like pleasure rather than work.

How do you feel social media impacts you?

I struggle with social media every day. It's great for staying connected and updated in the lives of friends and family. It's also awful because other people's lives look so much more glamorous and easier than mine. It is extremely easy to create a persona or facade on your social media; easy to hide the true daily struggles of life. We all know there is no such thing as easy. I know that my daily life looks nothing like my Instagram. But there's this odd sense of freedom to live vicariously through my Instagram life; like I can escape to be this other "done up, constantly traveling" Joyce.

It's so easy for me to get wrapped up with the number of followers, likes and comments. I can sometimes feel my self-worth fluctuate according to this. AWFUL. Awful I tell you! To have my self-worth as a HUMAN be determined by the approval of others is AWFUL. So on the daily I have to give that up to God. I will pray to dig deep in remembering the truth of who I am...The truth that I am not dependent on others, I am dependent on someone who is never changing. I am who I am not because of the likes and followers. I am who I am because I am wonderfully made.

Social media...Chu are a sly sly devil. I have to always remind myself that it is a means of reaching out to others. A way to connect with people I know and people I hope to someday know. It isn't the determinant of...me.


Thanks for reading everyone! Please leave comments below on your thoughts of this series!! I'd love to learn how I can make it better for the next :)

Until next time,

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