A little Personal

Hi all,

Despite this being a "beauty" blog, I see my blog as a medium to share life with people I may or may not know. It's my way of bringing you a little closer into my life and hopefully get to know others through sharing and common interests. So today's post is going to be a really personal note.

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I ended our 18 month relationship. I will admit that it wasn't mutual but I believe that it was for the best. There are times two people grow stronger and even more unified through times of hardship and difference, and there are times two people's differences deepen separation that cannot be repaired with immediate healing. We were the latter. I'm not saying we were abusive or destructive. We both loved each other deeply, I still do. But sometimes healing and growth can only happen with the unfortunate separation and time.

I'm fortunate enough to have God in my life, to have a hope that I know will carry me through this time of healing. I am so thankful that I have Jesus to lean on for comfort. He's been the one I cry to, been angry with, but also return to hold for reassurance and comfort. I know that God and Jesus may seem so far off or different for some...But they both give me a hope and strength that has carried me through my depression and breakup. I am thankful that they are undeniable in my life.

Despite this breakup being really hard, I know that I am going to do my damned best to celebrate these past 18 months in my heart; to learn and grow as much as possible. Breakups have the ability to destroy or empower a person. Destroy because the heart can be so sticky to the past and refuse to create room for healing. Empowering because there is so much opportunity for growth and learning, as the past is meant to be a teaching point as well as a memory. So I want to be empowered by our breakup because I believe it to be the best way to honor the last year and a half. I would want the same for all of you who are going through a breakup as well.

On a lighter beauty note...My recent skin routine has been trying to calm down the puffy eyes and eating flaming hot cheetos in bed (I know these don't help the puff but they're just too good).  Needless to say, I've been looking a bit bloated over the past few days...NO SHAME. I embrace my breakup look haha.

What's everyone else's comfort routine? How is flaming hot cheetos not everyone's go to?

Until next time.