Those Under Eyes

This post has been long over due. I needed some time to just rest and re-group after the break up, had a hard time focusing for this post. Does it count that I did took these photos prior to all that happened? So many apologies for the delay. But!! This is my first official post on the new website! I hope you all enjoy scoping around :)

I am obsessed with eye creams. I admit that I have a problem. I will always vote to splurge on eye creams over facial creams. My obsession runs wild because of my job. I wake up at unholy hours, work painfully long hours, then sleep at late hours. Needless to say I'm a bit hard on my body...AND IT SHOWS. So the anti-aging and puffy management of my eyes are deeply necessary. These next have been my recent go to's.

This serum is great for daily use. The instructions are to apply a little in the AM and PM daily. I think it's a great base to your daily eye routine, either alone or supplement. It leave the area feeling smooth and replenished. The serum has Estee Lauder's ChronoluxCB technology; said to fight the effects of light, pollution, and age. I found this awesome article regarding Estee Lauder's recent research with fighting aging. Also gives you a better understanding of what Chronolux technology could offer to your skin.

Shiseido states this cream targets 5 problem areas: crow's feet, under eye wrinkles, corner creases, lid creases, and vertical lines. This cream has hyaluronic acid, giving it a nice thickness with a slight tacky finishes that absorbs quickly. I did appreciate an improvement in skin firmness and under eye wrinkles with consistent use. I think it took a little longer than I'd like to fully absorb prior to makeup application, but it did a great job in creating a more even canvas for concealer. (trust me when I say these circles are hard to banish because of my work week)

I've been using the Ibuki cream steadily for the past couple months now. I will say it's a great light finishing cream. Have I noticed a difference in fine lines/wrinkles? Maybe a little. Shiseido states the cream should make the eyes immediately more vibrant. I think it does a great job in softening the skin, providing hydration, and possibly decrease puffiness. To be honest, I'm really hard on my body, so I know the cream has its limitations when it comes to my eyes. I think I'm a die hard Shiseido fan, so I may have biased hopes for this cream.

That's my update on the eye creams/serum! Please leave comments below on your thoughts of the above products or what your current eye routine is! I'd love to learn so I can expand my horizons.

Until next time. Deuces.