The Stronger Strand

With summer arriving, the hair color trend will soon be on the rise. Anyone addicted to that hair dye?? (My hand sheepishly rises...) I can't help myself! Once I went light, I can't seem to stop. Is it sick to say I love the whole process? Watching the application technique, sitting patiently knowing my strands are being fried to perfect blonde perfection. Then comes the washing and toning! I hate the smell of the toner but I sure do love what it does to my color. And I could a person hate the whole hair washing process. The final result when my hair stylist finishes the blowout is the peak of my heart emojis.  Now that I think about it...I may be more in love with being at the hair salon than the actual dying process...

I grew up in the salon, so it's all super nostalgic for me. My mom had been my only hair stylist until I moved up to the Bay. That woman knows my hair through and through. Quite a few times I asked for one thing and turned around to find something COMPLETELY different, but I could never deny that it always looked good. However, she did recently try to convince me to go deep plum red to compliment my complexion and I refused. Flashbacks to high school and months of ruined towels is enough for any girls to say N-O. Ain't nobody got funds to buy new towels every month!


Let me refocus. I apoligize. I went on that hair dye tangent and was swept away by nostalgia. 

With the summer sun comes tanning, swimming, hair dying and pool parties. With all of those activities comes hair damage, breaking and frizzing (I'd like to note my phone autocorrected frizzing to drizzling and I contemplated leaving it lol). Today, I bring thee a product that I believe will totally help mend that! Olaplex's No.3 Hair Perfector. I've been using this product consistently for a month and really feel a difference.

No.3 is a hair treatment, not a replacement for your shampoo and conditioner. You slather this bad boy on, soak for 20 minutes, then hop into the shower to rinse out with your normal shampoo/conditioner.  

I first heard about the product from a podcast featuring Tracey Cunningham. If you don't know who she is (don't worry, I didn't know either until the podcast), Tracey is THE hair colorist. She's the owner of Meche Salon in Los Angeles and has a long list of A-list clients around the world. On the podcast, Tracey spoke about how adding Olaplex has made such a large difference for her clients' hair without impacting the dye job. I figured I'd try it out. I've been having major trouble with hair breakage. Between it always being up in a ponytail or bun for work and the dye jobs, my strands are less than stellar. Anything that helps their health and to minimize breaking is a PLUS. 


The Review


I. Love. It. You can really feel a difference with one application. My hair felt silky and stronger after one rinse. With continued use, I've noticed less mid-strand break from my aggressive hair tying. Hair is also noticeably less frizzy following the days of the treatment.  

The product absorbs quickly when applied to hair, so you really do need to be generous with the application. Although the bottle is fairly small, it lasts longer than assumed. My hair is medium thick at a medium length and the bottle has lasted 4 treatment sessions.  

No.3 has become a part of my Saturday hair routine. I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, Saturday being a wash day. It's become a sort of a treat when I wash my hair. Olaplex makes your hair feel so silky when it's being washed out. I feel like an Herbal Essence commercial...without the really awkward yelling of yes's. Maybe it's more like an Irish Spring soap commercial...where you come out of your shower feeling super jazzed and thumbs-up. Does anyone remember these commercials?!?!!! Am I too old?? (Insert emoji face of despair)

Let's move on from the commercials that just dated me and turn to the encouragement of adding Olaplex No.3 to those with chemically processed hair strands. Those who are beautifully rocking them natural colors, no need to think about this. To the readers who struggle with managing chemically processed hair frizz and breakage like myself, consider this product.  It really does make a difference with regular use.

 That's the end of my review today. Hope you found it helpful! Drop comments below on what you love to use to help manage your hair! I love trying out new products and appreciate any hair assist.

Until next time...