The Rx for Farmacy

Hello everyone!

After coming home from a long (but rad) weekend in Vegas, I found an awesome package waiting for me. Farmacy reached out a couple weeks ago to apologize for the broken cap of my Eye Dew cream and asked to send me a gift. I mean...What girl is going to say no?! ESPECIALLY to Farmacy?! The arrival of the package was perfectly timed. I tried my best to salvage my skin with masks, exfoliants and heavy moisturizing...But the lack of sleep, "light to moderate" consumption of alcohol and deathly heat will still have a win. Unfortunately. So, needless to say I was super stoked to try out their Skincare Discover Kit.

The products have the common ingredient of Farmacy's patented Echinacea GreenEnvy - which contains an extremely high content of Cichoric Acid. Cichoric Acid has been shown to inhibit hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hylaruonic acid. Hyaluronic acid is important in tissue repair and skin integrity. It's often impacted with overexposure of sun; resulting in less production and essentially breakdown of skin. So what does that ultimately mean? More cichoric acid = less hyaluronidase = more hyaluronic acid which results in healthier skin and less wrinkles!! So how perfect is it to receive this package to help my skin reboot from all the gnarly sun I received from Death Valley and Vegassss.

The Makers

Farmacy was founded by Mark Veeder who joined up with Robert Beyfuss to develop a local and sustainable Echinacea PurPurea farm. What I love is that this farm is sustained by locals of upstate New York - providing jobs and purpose to youths of the area. What else is awesome? The plants are cold-pressed within two hours of picking and quickly added into the developing products, guaranteeing some fresh fresh natural skin protectors. They're products are also free of animal testing, formaldehyde, parabens, artificial coloring and they're ingredients are naturally derived.

Made in the USA. Fresh cold-pressed plant extract. All natural based ingredients without additives. Ummm...Awesome.

The Products


New Day - Gentle Exfoliating Grains

This powder cleanser took me back to elementary school. Remember that weird pink powder that frothed into a paste with copious amounts of water? Yeah, the New Day cleanser is of the similar thought process. The powder is a mix of white willow bark, green tea, carrot, marshmallow root - all important in managing inflammation, skin moisture and general texture.  The rice bran powder and cranberries serve as the exfoliant and cleanser base - both help loosen dry skin debris while the powder absorbs excess oils. It also contains the trademarked EchinaceaGreenEnvy extract of Farmacy...I've already explained its purposes up above. (Please return to paragraph two if further clarification is needed.)

I must say that I was initially confused when I opened the lid to find another lid. When I popped off the plug, I was greeted with the familiar smell of a rice flour my mom uses to cook Korean food (aka ssalgaru). I poured a little of the powder out, added a few droplets of water then began to froth. Although I was skeptical at first, this cleanser pleasantly surprised me with clean and soft skin. My skin had the feeling of a squeaky clean without the awful tight skin texture after. I know the cleanser works well because my pad picks no extra makeup or dirt with my cleansing toner. Needless to say I was impressed. However, it didn't seem to help too much for skin texture management. I noticed little bumps from buildup along my temples by the end of the week. I usually do a heavy exfoliation (Clarisonic or Vasanti Exfoliant) to help manage that. But New Day did a great job with cleaning the daily gunk off the face!


Invincible - Root Cell Anti-Aging Serum

I'd like the start of by saying the dropper for this serum is absolutely adorable. I was expecting the typical pointed end and was so stoked to see the packaging different. The serum spreads significantly, so the recommended dose of 1 drop is more than enough. I accidentally did 3 the first time and had way too much. Invincible is a mix of their EchinaceaGreenEnvy, Triple Hyaluronic Acid and ProForm Vitamin C.  All three ingredients attack free radicals that cause wrinkles while retaining skin moisture. Vitamin C also helps with skin tone by fighting free radicals from sun exposure, evening out dark spots and uneven areas.

After a week of using this serum, I'd say my skin did appear to be smoother, both in appearance and with makeup application. I've used the serum alone on nights I feel like my skin may need to breathe. On days of heavy sweating and humidity, the extra layer of moisturizer just feels too much for me. Invincible did a great job at providing just enough moisture without leaving the skin feeling thick or heavy. A little really goes a long way but I typically focus on patting areas of wrinkling for me (laugh lines, lip line and under eyes). Just an FYI...You may want to wait until your toner has completely set before applying the serum. I felt like I was smearing the serum rather than pushing in when I got a little eager.  Overall, Invincible has become a favorite staple in my skin routine and I'd recommend it's addition to you.



Eye Dew - Total Eye Cream

Eye Dew has been my current under eye obsession and I love it! I was using Clinique's All About the Eyes until the recent Farmacy purchase. Clinique's eye cream did a good job at providing moisture for the moment but I saw minimal impact on my under eye skin texture.  Now, Eye Dew is packed with Vitamins A, E, F, D - all great for anti-inflammation, sun protection and anti-aging. It also has Strelitzia Nicolai Seed Aril Extract that has been clinically shown to reduce dark circles and increase skin luminosity by decreasing bilirubin build up under our eyes.  The cream also has Prickly Pear Extract (the new replacement of vitamin E) which has the multi-purpose of stimulating collagen and improving skin brightening. Lastly, it has the combination of Farmacy's patented EchinaceaGreenEnvy, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid and Ribose - all are bad boys in fighting wrinkles, maintaining skin elasticity and improving that complexion. Whew! That was a long breakdown of ingredients.

Eye Dew is a bit thicker and takes longer to absorb than Clinique's, which is the slight down point but I didn't mind the wait (I usually put my makeup on in the car...Don't judge me...I don't have to actually look in the mirror to apply it...It also helps me stay awake for my long drive. I PROMISE!) A little goes a long way with this cream. I may have been a little heavy handed the first time and had to spread the excess cream to my lip and laugh lines.  On the bright side, I have noticed some improvement in skin wrinkles. Puffiness and dark circles is a lost cause for me because of a recent bout of insomnia and "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" dreams - you know, those dreams that make you wake up either in confusion or heart racing because of all the weird colors and people. As a result, I have been focusing way more on improving skin texture so my concealer can smoothly cover up those circles. Eye Dew achieves that for me.


Rise 'N Shine - Daily Moisture Lock

The Rise 'N Shine is a bit runnier when compared to its sister products (Eye Dew and Sleep Tight) but does a great job in providing lightweight moisture. It's key active ingredients are Water Lily Flower Extract, EchinaceaGreenEnvy and Matrixyl synth'6.  The flower extract acts primarily as the skin soother, as it has well known anti-inflammation properties. It's also used for its antioxidant properties; protecting against skin wrinkles and helps maintain skin elasticity.  Matrixyl synth'6 is a powerful peptide known for its anti-wrinkle properties. This ingredient is a product by Sederma, that claims the Matrixyl synth'6 is clinically proven in fighting wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity. EchnicaeaGreenEnvy is packed with Cichoric Acid, further assisting with skin elasticity.

The day cream absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling smooth and dewey. Skin also doesn't look as sallow, which can be a struggle with my skin complexion. I'm not sure if I feel a full day moisture effect but that's really hard to maintain with continuous AC exposure combined with excessive coffee consumption and 12 hours of talking (I'm a physical therapist). So the fact that I notice an end of day improvement is a miracle in my opinion. I may not feel too hydrated at the end of the day but my complexion is solid. Id say that's thumbs up for me. I used Belief's Aquabomb before the package arrival, which I think provides a comparable moisture. But I like the density of the Farmacy cream; makes me feel like it really sets.


Sleep Tight - Firming Night Balm

Sleep Tight is...How do you describe this balm? It looks and feels like a thick waxy gel that melts and applies into an oil. All I can say is...You've got to try it out. The balm contains Acmella extract, primarily used for its strong anti-aging properties. Studies demonstrate improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, acting as a preventative to our future deep set problems (them deep wrinkle lines). It also contains blackcurrant seed extract which is heavy in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin c and vitamin a. Those ingredients are heavy hitters with maintaining skin elasticity, fighting free radicals from sun exposure and general skin tone. Blackcurrant seed oil and balloon vine extract (another key ingredient) have strong anti-inflammatory properties; reducing skin irritation and sensitivities. The sunflower oil and Echinacea GreenEnvy all provide that moisture lock and skin soothing needed to help fight those daily skin irritants.

I will say this balm really does stay working all through the night. I pat the melted balm throughout my face and can still feel it slightly tacky on the face in the morning...It could also be because I applied too much. I'm going to say it's from its powerful moisturizing properties. However, I think my skin doesn't do well with prolonged use of the balm. I've noticed an increase in small pimples on my face, which really isn't typical for me. The balm has vegetable-based retinoid-like ingredients which can sometimes sit heavy on the face (hence it being a night cream), which may be resulting in my "breakouts". I had to cut back on its use and noticed better skin recovery in the morning. I'm not saying I would never use this product because I really love its hydrating properties. I would just be mindful if your skin is a bit more sensitive. But this balm is just too different to not try. I think Farmacy did such a great job melding important ingredients into such a different product type. 


Overall Impression

Farmacy, can I just say you guys are MASTERS at beautiful packaging? I simply can't get over the details to each product. The kit comes in an adorable tin that you can re-use for decoration, I used it to hold my daily skin products. Also, I loved that each product was scent-free and truly felt natural. The brand isn't gimmicky and the products really speak for itself. Also, how can you not appreciate its sustainable initiative with a community outreach effort.  I have to say that I respect the brand, not only for its product output but also for its purpose. Side note: I'm at a coffee shop right now and they're playing a Justin Bieber acoustic cover...Is it shameful to admit that I feel this emotional burst while writing this post? I hope this doesn't stop you from coming back to my blog! Ha

Hope you guys found my post helpful and informative! Please leave comments below on other products you'd like a review on or just questions :)


Until next time