Stay Hydrated

With summer sadly moving behind us and fall waiting around the corner, I thought I'd share a few of my essential with maintaining hydration for both hot and cold weather. Serums and essences are great as a foundation to build your skin care on. My skin goes through the weirdest temperature exposure (particularly arctic tundra from the frigid work A/C) so I find them as fantastic ways to refresh your skin mid-day. Below are a few of my favorites to maintain hydrated and fresh skin throughout the day.


Toners are a great way to prep the skin for your serums/essence/moisturizers. I particularly like the Pixi Glow Tonic because it has glycol acid, which exfoliates the skin and shlufs (Is that how you spell that???) off the dead skin and leaves it primed for that next step. No matter how well I cleanse my skin after a long day of sweating and wearing makeup, this toner finds ways to pick up that last bit of dirt (especially on my neck...Ew).

Those with sensitive skin who may not be able to handle chemicals, there are a ton of natural toners! A favorite of mine is green tea and cucumber juice. Both gentle and very hydrating. Another is rosewater and aloe. I would consider playing with different natural ingredients at home. It's also way cheaper (ALWAYS  a plus. Stretchin out that dolla is a must).


Essences are typically the step following a toner. Toners are meant to strip/cleanse. Essences are meant to return that lost hydration and to give you that extra oomph to nourish the skin. SKII and Caudalie are on that high price point but they really do work. The skin glows and it always feels hydrated. I really love toting Caudalie Beauty Elixir in the travel spray to refresh my face throughout the day. It sprays evenly and your skin just feels solid after. Belief was great to hydrate my eye area and to prep my skin before re-applying any makeup touchup! 

Sidenote: The coffee shop is bumping Christina Aguilera - Genie in a bottle and I can't help but be like yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - get that bottle! Oh no...They just started playing Lady Gaga - Just Dance...concentrating is way too difficult right now.



Alright. So you've cleansed your skin, rehydrated your skin...It's time with nourish it with some vitamins and acids. Serums are the third step to this process - it's where you get to add your treatments to "problem areas". Mine is hydration and pigmentation, so I try to use serums rich with hyaluronic acids and vitamin C. Farmacy's Invincible has been a favorite of mine since they sent me a sample. It's rich with hydrating properties that really do help brighten the skin. Whatever your skin target may be, serums are a good way to apply a treatment without diluting too much through moisturizers.


Hot Weather Management

When I'm out and about in hot and sunny weather, I will always be sure to have a travel size of either an essence or serum that I can use to reapply throughout the day. Contrary to much belief, sweating actually dries the skin out terribly. So it's important to fight those wrinkles and skin irritations with a soothing treatment.


Cold Weather Management

I either spray a facial mist/toner and spot apply moisturizers like clockwork. I hate feeling my skin tight from dehydration. Cold weather strips the skin of moisture quite quickly, so it's important battle that with regular reapplication of some sort of product to 1. maintain skin happiness 2. minimize that makeup wrinkle.

Hope you found this helpful! Please leave comments below on your favorite products! I'm always on the search and love suggestions.

Until next time.