No Soap for You!

Hey gang!

Micellar water and cleansing balms have been all the rage for a long while but I've never understood why. The idea of not using soap for full makeup removal has become the new norm and I wanted to explore what the hype was about. So, I decided not to wash my face for a week. Side note: I do not stay in one place for more than 2 nights during the work week, so this took real commitment. I had to lug these bottles around rather than my typical traveling bag. The paranoia of the miscellar water pouring out was real...IT WAS REAL. Anyway...continue on below to find out the final judgement on this little experiment!


The Cleansing Assistants


The Night Washing Routine:

  1. Cotton pad drenched with Garnier's Micellar Water
  2. Applied and held over closed eye for few seconds then gently wiped away any eye makeup
  3. Drenched another cotton pad with the water to thoroughly wipe off the remaining makeup
  4. Repeat until all makeup was removed
  5. Cotton pad then drenched with Boot's Botanic's Cleansing Toner
  6. Thoroughly wipe around the "cleansed" face to pick up any remaining dirt and to prep for moisturizer

The Day Routine:

  1. A small pour of Farmacy's New Day (I know this is a soap...But I'll explain later!)
  2. Lathered then massaged onto face in upward circular motions.
  3. Rinse
  4. Repeat steps 5-6 in the routine above


The Moisturizing Agents


I consistently used these babies through the week. I figured if there were less variables in the whole routine, I could make a better judgement call in the end.

The Night and Day Routine:

  1. Warmed 2 drops of Farmacy's Invincible between hands and gently patted on freshly wiped face
  2. Lightly dabbed small amount of Farmacy's Eye Dew around the eye (this means under the eye and along the under side of the brows)
  3. Gently pressed in said eye cream with the ring finger 
  4. Warmed 2 drops of Boot's Botanics Facial Oil between fingers
  5. Gently pressed around the face


The Verdict

I will admit that I am a suds addict. When I wash my hair, I apply copious amounts of shampoo to get a healthy stack of bubbles on the top of my head. When I wash my face, I apply just enough to get a solid white lather in my hands before application. I am a self-professed suds addict (I don't think I used that word properly...). So the idea of not having that really weirded me out. I began to envision tiny whiteheads developing all over my face from the lack of cleanliness. I also imagined gross skin texture by the end of it. So...That was why I added the grain soap for the morning routine...I just couldn't fully give up the bubbles!

After a week of routinely wiping my face down with cotton pads, my face surprisingly felt amazing. I will also admit that the facial oil was a new addition to my routine and it may have had an impact on the result. Either way, the combination of this cleansing and moisturizing routine left my skin feeling hydrated, dewey and kinda glowing by the end of the week. The only times I really hated the stupid cotton pad thing was when I was trying to remove my waterproof mascara. No matter how many time you attack your eyelashes, that stuff just clings. (A legitimate reason for adding the soap cleanser in the morning.) I'm now paranoid of losing my eyelashes as I am not blessed in the land of plentiful lashes.  Therefore going crazy taking off waterproof mascara is not ideal.

I think one would still need to maintain an exfoliating routine to maintain healthy skin texture and maximize moisture absorption. The micellar water with toner does a pretty good job with cleansing but a person can only handle so much of cotton swiping before needing an alternative option.

I'd also HIGHLY recommend checking out the Boot's Botanics Facial Oil. I bought one for a friend and she loves with it too. A few drops go a long way. But using it day and night has seriously changed the game for my skin. Always patch test on your cheek/skin before applying everywhere. But the ingredients are quite gentle. It also has rosehips oil, which is great for moisture and anti-inflammation (aka pimple fighter).

So overall, I'd rule in favor of the micellar cleanser hype and agree it works fairly well in the cleansing department. It really is gentle and effective with most makeup.  I would like to write a warning for those interested in this adventure: DO NOT GET CRAZY WITH THEM COTTON PADS. SHIZ CAN BE ABRASIVE. 


Until next time...