So I was recently down in Los Angeles for a six day continuing education course when my co-worker and I tossed around the idea of starting a blog. It would consist of a variety of reviews that veered mostly towards the skin product road. To be honest...She just wanted me to write reviews for her so she didn't have to do the research. Fair.

Growing up with a Korean mom that heavily emphasized skin care has biased me towards lotions and emulsions over makeup. My mom still looks like she's in her late 40s/early 50s and the woman is 66. There has to be truth to her madness. I may have revolted against good skin hygiene during my high school and college years but once I hit my mid-20s...Shiz got real. Makeup couldn't hide the uneven texture, dry patches, and what I swear was the beginning of fine lines. Needless to say, I now weigh heavy on the skin products and barely use makeup on a daily basis. You know I must be feeling fancy when you see the foundation and brow powder bust out.Thats how The Under Eye Report came to be. It's really just a basic review of skin products (essentially for my co-worker who hates spending the time to search) with an occasional smattering of some good food I may have ingested. So...Here's the first review!


There are a ton of different exfoliators on the market, each has their own spin on their ingredients and targets. I'm an exfoliant junky. JUNKY. I usually rotate between my Clarisonic, two different exfoliators, and my korean exfoliating towel. The skin just doesn't seem as clean nor seem to absorb my moisturizers as well without a good rub down. So below are my two favorite. I'll eventually get around to checking out other brands...Maybe...

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator is my favorite right now. I found it from a sample via Birchbox (which is a great way to be exposed to a variety of skin products quick and cheap). The product is thick and pasty, which I love. The texture combined with the fine microcrystals really allows you to get into the skin and problem areas. My skin always feels smoother and cleaner after each use. It's a great scrub for those days when you're skin feels bumpy or just uneven from frequent makeup use.

Because it is a thicker paste, be sure to wet your face generously before applying. Although it is advertised as all skin types, I would think normal to oily would be best. Dry and sensitive would be fine too (that's basically mine), but I wouldn't recommend using the product too frequently because it can be aggressive.

  The Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub is my second favorite. This scrub is on the runnier side, so I like to use it more for daily purposes. You can't get as aggressive with the exfoliating as you can with the Vasanti, but you don't want to beat your skin up on the daily anyway. This scrub has a great grapefruit smell that wakens the senses with use! I love this product because the acidity of the grapefruit extract really helps brighten and even the skin tone, and it has just enough scrub to leave your skin feeling renewed.So that's my first blog entry! Hope it was useful to you. Feel free to write any other recommendations or feedback below!
Until next time!