My Current Obsession

I may or may not have an addiction to Vitamin C beauty products. Some may say I have a problem...But my skin screams "YASSSSSSSSSS" like an old Herbal Essence commercial. Battling dry skin means struggling with dullness and fine lines. Since adding vitamin C to the skincare regimen, I've noticed significant improvement with those issues. I used to think my mom was crazy for giving me "vitamin c" for my face...Look who's the fool now (slow and sad head shake)...


Things to note:

Vitamin C can make your skin sensitive due to its natural acidic properties  1
Always test patch before going crazy with application 2
Vitamin C can't be stored in direct sunlight. It will oxidize and decrease in it's beautifying properties  3
If you're going to be in the sun after application, then sunblock it up! You can be more prone to sunburns from sensitivity  4

How to apply:

So...I probably go a little overboard with my application with two different layers. I sometimes get extra with a third product but it's really unnecessary. There isn't a specific order you should apply the serums - it's more about applying in the order of your typical skincare routine:

  1. Treatments
  2. Serums
  3. Oils
  4. Creams
  5. Sunblock if going out or if this the AM routine

the benefits:

Vitamin C helps with pigmentation/scarring, dullness and fine lines. It's antioxidant properties helps counter the effects of sun exposure and free radical damage in general. I've noticed such a big difference when I added it to my daily skin routine. Morning skin has a glow to it and I've noticed improvements in the fine lines around my mouth and eyes. I had a friend add it to her routine to help with acne scarring and she noticed an improvement with consistent use! I'm so dedicated to having it that I have a mild internal freakout if I realize I didn't bring a vitamin C product with me. 

The conclusion

I consider a vitamin C product a must in your skincare routine. Make sure your skin can tolerate the product and it may take some shopping to find the best one for you and your skin. SokoGlam and Glow Recipe are my two favorite sites to shop around for new K-Beauty products. They both have blogs too, so it helps you stay up to date with current Korean trends!

Hope you fall in love with Vitamin C as much as I did!

Until next time...