BeautyCounter Please

Hey everyone!

My friend Katy is a consultant for BeautyCounter and sent me some samples to try out. I figured I would write a review on the products and just share with you information on the company. First, I knew something had to be good about BeautyCounter for Katy to be such a fan. This girl is extremely intelligent and has solid standards, so for her to sell the products to friends and family meant something to me. Just an FYI, I am not sponsored by BeautyCounter and am writing this review because I wanted to share my experience with you guys.

After reading up on the company, I'm quite impressed by their standards, commitment to safe products, and transparency. Although they aren't an "all-natural" company, a majority of their ingredients are organic/natural. The biggest thing I appreciated was their rigor in screening each ingredient to ensure no hazardous side effects. (They even run their own studies if they don't find enough info! Being a science nerd...I'm impressed)


I will be honest and say I didn't use every single product. I don't typically use soap to wash my face, especially because I rarely wear makeup, so I didn't use the nourishing exfoliator and cream cleanser. I also never got around to the charcoal face mask (insert emoji of monkey covering eyes). I know with the huge boom in charcoal products, I probably should have done it...I'm not really sure why I didn't and I apologize! I did use their charcoal soap and am still using it!


Overall Impression: It's a solid line. Their Nourishing line absorb quickly and feels hydrating. Combined with their oils, it's a longer lasting product for individuals who work in an A/C blasting room all day like me. Would I give up my current products for it? Probably not. The only reason being I needed more hydration. My skin is really dry and can be fickle. So the BeautyCounter products were gentle and non-aggravating to my skin, which is great! But come mid-morning, my skin already felt dry and in need of renewal. After playing around with the application, I saw the best combination was Rejuvenating Serum + Nourishing Eye and Day Cream + Plumping Oil. My skin felt dewey and hydrated for a majority of the day.

I will say their Nourishing Eye Cream is on point. Personally, I'm a Farmacy Eye Dew girl but the BeautyCounter eye cream really does a great job at minimizing that eye puff the next morning and maintaining healthy under eye texture for most of the day. I'm usually yawning by 2 PM so it's all downhill for me from there.


The product that surprised me the most was their Charcoal Bar Soap. I normally hate how soaps leave you skin feeling tight and dry so I was so stoked to find my skin feeling soft after using the charcoal soap. It still feels a little dry but that's because of nature of charcoal's extracting/purifying properties. I've begun to add the soap to prep my skin for morning application and it's been great! My skin feels clean but not overly dry; perfect for the rest of my routine.



  • Rejuvenating Serum
  • Nourishing Eye Creme
  • Charcoal Bar Soap

I loved adding these products to my daily routine. It seemed to really help with maintaining skin texture and moisture. I also felt a difference to my skin when using the products above.

Skin Recommendations

I would recommend the Nourishing line for normal to oily skin. It requires more assistance with oils and serums to be appropriate for dry skin types. When I used the serum and cremes with my oils and serums, skin felt great and hydrated. When using the cremes alone, it felt dry and tight by mid-morning.

The Rejuvenating Serum would be a great addition to your toner before moisturizer/oils to help prep the skin and to build that extra layer of moisture. I would say it's perfect for the upcoming summer. It's lightweight, doesn't take forever to absorb and leaves the skin feeling a little dewey.

I personally don't like using soap for my face...Unless I'm really lazy and don't want to deal with cleansing water and pads. But I actually enjoyed Charcoal Bar Soap a couple times a week to really cleanse the skin. It's good for all skin types. I wouldn't recommend it if you have really dry skin or if you're having an eczema flare-up because it does still leave the skin feel a little tight. 

The Nourishing Creme line is a great summer product. It absorbs quickly and feels very light on the skin. If you have more dry skin, I would supplement with a heavier moisturizer or oil in more dry regions.

The Balancing and Plumping oil leave the skin feeling a little tacky, which is a different feel from other oils. Again, absorbs and leaves the skin hydrated on the lighter side. So complimenting the nourishing cremes with the oils worked great for me. If you have normal or oily skin, the oil itself is totally fine.


Again, I don't sell these products so I can only speak of my experience with BeautyCounter based upon what I received. If you have interest or other questions, I would recommend you reaching out to my girl Katy Jepsen (click her name to be directed to her site :))! I took a picture of her business card and you can reach out to her through that. I know she'd do a great job matching to your preference and skin type, as well as answer all your curiosities of this company. 


Until next time