Beauty Musts

With the rise of beauty tools and devices, I thought I'd share with you my two favorite products. I have to be honest and say I was really skeptical about them initially. Could a roller reaaaaally help with wrinkles and bloating? And does this microcurrent device ACTUALLY contract my muscles and help manage skin elasticity and wrinkles?? Well to my pleasant surprise I think they actually do. I feel like I've noticed a dramatic improvement in skin with regular use. The key word is regular. I've been using the devices for months now and I can tell the difference between regular and occasional use.



I know the NuFace Microcurrent Device is on the higher price point, ranging from $199 to $325. Shiz cost money. The way I see it: it's saving me money from going to an aesthetician to receive the treatment. I bought the mini size because 1. cheaper 2. way more compact and easier to travel with. The self-treatment can range from 5 minutes to 20, all dependent on how detailed you want to be. It's also recommended to use the device 5 times a week for best results. I would argue this to be true. The device delivers such a low current that high frequency in use is likely to deliver max benefits.

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this product when I first bought it. I knew about microcurrent treatments for wound care but wasn't sure how it would work for healthy tissues. So I was really surprised when I could feel the current and mild muscle contractions when I used the tool. Maybe it's just psychological but I totally felt assured that it was working because of that feel. Being that it is an electrical device, I was really paranoid about shocking myself. I applied WAYYY too much gel the first time and it took me forever to wash my face after. You do need to make sure to have gel on all treatment spots or else it will sting but a thin-moderate layer is sufficient.


Jade Roller

There are a kajillion different types of jade rollers out there. Sifting through Amazon for the best one is an extremely overwhelming process. But after scouring the website and different beauty sites for jade rollers...I realized that it's all the freaking same. Maybe the roller shape and handle size is a little different but otherwise I didn't see major difference between an expensive and cheap roller. I bought this one for myself and a friend. It's a low price point and the product is good. I will say the metal does rust...So store your roller in a dry area. I kept mine in my bathroom and the condensation has rusted the metal portion.

Using this roller has been a game changer for me. When I travel to hot/humid areas, I keep it in the fridge so I can use it to manage my eczema. It came in extremely handy when I was in Kauai. The bloating and eczema game was STRONG...So using the roller combined with a daily face ice massage kept my rashes at bay for the most part.

I love using this to push in my facial products at the very end and to decrease the morning bloat. ALSO! I found that it is works really well to target particular trouble areas for wrinkles. I had deep creasing between the brows and using the roller for 5 minutes twice a day has actually smoothed out that wrinkle.


Overall Thoughts...

I honestly think these two tools are worth the investment. I'm likely going to buy a couple more of the jade rollers to keep in my travel bags. Using these two devices has made such a big difference in skin texture, quality, and firmness. You obviously can't fight genetics but I feel like using these two have at least keep things together. At the least, I would highly recommend the facial roller. It's easy to use, doesn't need anything extra. And it's the cheapest. The NuFace is worth the splurge but can wait.

I've been using these at the end of the day as a way to unwind from the crazy of the hours before. I think it's important to develop good self-care habits and I have used these guys as a part of that process. You can obviously use them at any point of the day but I've found that it's easiest to incorporate them during my nighttime skincare routine.

I hope you end up loving these products as much as I do! I swear by them and tell everyone to get them ;) Please leave comments below of your favorite beauty tools! I'm always looking to learn more :)

Til next time.